Camerata Sonora

Unconventional chamber music in Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona

Camerata Sonora brings little known, rarely heard music to life through immersive, imaginative performances that tell a story.

We are a vocal chamber ensemble that varies in size from 12 to 20 musicians. Our members are a mix of highly-trained, semi-professional musicians, and talented, dedicated amateurs with little formal music training.

We are drawn to music that, because of its challenging nature, is rarely performed by chamber ensembles. This includes a wide range of traditional music from around the world, so-called “early” music of the Western tradition, music that blurs boundaries between classical and vernacular genres, and music—both historical and contemporary—that in other ways pushes the boundaries of Western musical conventions.

We endeavor to prepare concerts that subvert conceptions of chamber music performance as overly academic, static, and detached. Instead we emphasize that music is alive, constantly evolving, and intimately linked to identity and a sense of place.

General public contact:
(520) 261-8322